A New Covenant People, Pt. 2

Nick Jones helps us to understand the difference between the Old and New Covenant.

A New Covenant People, Pt. 1

Nick Jones helps us to understand how God uses covenants to relate with His people.

Reconsider, Pt. 2 – Are we made for a higher purpose?

This week in the second part of our Reconsider sermon series, Nick Jones studies Psalm 104:10-34 and addresses whether we are simply temporal, material beings, or if we are actually made for a higher purpose.

Luke Pt. 14 – The Nature of God’s Call

Nick Jones preaches from Luke 5:1-11 about what it means to be called as a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

Pt. 22 – The Hope of Shalom

Nick Jones preaches from Micah 4 and Revelation 21-22 to show how our hope in Christ's return impacts the way that we live today.

King Jesus, Pt. 11 – Joy in Following the King

Nick Jones preaches from Psalm 16:5-11 to teach us that there is everlasting joy when in following Jesus with all of our lives.

Joy Over One, Pt. 3 – Pursuing the One

Nick Jones preaches from Philippians 2:2-11 and helps us to see three attitudes that lead to three actions when it comes to how we pursue those who do not know Christ.

The One Who Has Been Forgiven Much, Loves Much

Nick Jones teaches from Luke 7:36-50 on how the forgiveness and grace we have received in Christ Jesus enables us to love both God and our neighbor.

Called to Belong, Pt. 5 – Called to Holiness

We continue in our series entitled, "Called to Belong," an in depth study of Ephesians 4. Nick Jones unpacks Ephesians 4:17-24 and teaches on how we are called to holiness as followers of Christ.