This Cultural Moment, Pt. 6 – Keeping Christianity Weird

Joe Carter preaches from 1 Peter to help us understand how Christians should engage in politics.

Work: From Curse to Calling

Joe Carter teaches out of Ecclesiastes 2:17-22 to help us to understand how our work and toil is cursed yet redeemed and restored for God's purposes. If you struggle with understanding how your work is meaningful, you will be encouraged by this sermon.

The Word of God, Pt. 5 – Who Compiled the Bible?

Joe Carter continues our sermon series on the doctrine of the Word of God. Today, we study John 10:1-5 and discuss how the Bible was compiled into the 66 books that we have today.

God With Us, Pt. 3 – The Need Behind the Need

"God With Us" is our 2017 sermon series for Advent. This year, we are focusing our Advent season on studying the person of Jesus Christ. This week, we specially look at our union with Christ.