Reconsider, Pt. 3 – Isn’t Religion Really About Controlling People?

This week in Part 3 of our current sermon series entitled "Reconsider," we walk through Luke 19:41-48 and discuss the question, "Isn't religion really about controlling people?"

Reconsider, Pt. 1 – Is Faith in God Just a Crutch for Weak People?

We study Matthew 7:24-27 in order to answer the question if religion is a human invention to cope with the hardships of life or not.

Luke, Pt. 15 – An Outcast, a Cripple, and a Crook

We study Luke 5:12-32 where Jesus takes his disciples on a journey to teach them what the Kingdom of God is like.

Luke, Pt. 13 – The Authority to Restore

We study Luke 4:31-44 and see how Jesus demonstrated that He had the authority to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. However, the way Jesus will bring the Kingdom of God may be different than we expect.

Luke, Pt. 12 – Privilege & Prejudice

We study Luke 4:14-30 and see how Jesus specifically challenged a synagogue in Nazareth.

Luke, Pt. 11 – How to Thrive in the Desert

We study Luke 4:1-13 and discover how Jesus is a new Adam through how he faced temptation in the desert. We also learned from Jesus how to face temptation.

Luke, Pt. 10 – In My Place

We study Luke 3:15-38 and answer the question why Jesus was baptized before the beginning of His ministry.

Luke, Pt. 9 – Roots & Fruit

This is our first Family Sunday where all of our kids and students joined the adults for worship. We studied Luke 3:7-14 and learned how the beliefs of our heart produce a certain way of living.

Luke, Pt. 8 – Lawkeepers & Lawbreakers

We studied Luke 3:1-6 and how John the Baptist called everyone, both lawkeepers and lawbreakers, to prepare for the coming of the Messiah through repentance.

Luke, Pt. 7 – The Consequences of Theology

We study Luke 2:39-52 and study how Jesus is both 100% God and 100% Human.