Known, Pt. 2 – “Knowing Ourselves and Where Jesus Wants to Transform Us”

Known, Pt. 1 – “Knowing God Through Knowing His Word”

He Will Not Leave, Pt. 3 – “Responding to Our Enemies”

He Will Not Leave, Pt. 2 – “When Our Spirit Fails”

He Will Not Leave, Pt. 1 – “How It Started, How It’s Going”

Luke, Pt. 39 – “Fear God, Not Man”

Luke, Pt. 37 – “Testing the Light and Darkness”

Galatians – “Not Superior, Not Inferior”

Pastor Allan McCullough teaches us from Galatians 5:25-26 about how, as children of God, we are neither superior not inferior to others.

Luke, Pt. 35 – “The Productivity of Rest”

Luke, Pt. 34 – “Set Your Face”