Healthy Soul, Part 3: Presence

In Part 3 of our sermon series entitled "Healthy Soul", Allan McCullough teaches from Psalm 73 on doubts, anxieties, and being in the presence of God.

Healthy Soul, Part 2: Pace

In Part 2 of our new sermon series entitled "Healthy Soul", Allan McCullough teaches from Exodus 32 and 33 on the Pace of our lives and the space that allows us to spend daily time with Jesus.

Healthy Soul, Part 1: Apart From Me, You Can Do Nothing.

In Part 1 of our new sermon series entitled "Healthy Soul", Allan McCullough teaches from John 15:1-5 about abiding in Jesus.

Reconsider Pt. 5 – Church Leadership & the Abuse of Authority

We study Matthew 23 to see what Jesus expects of the leaders that represent Him.

Reconsider, Pt. 4 – If God is Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

In Pt. 4 of our Reconsider series, Allan McCullough walks through Romans 8:18-28 and asks the questions "If God is good, why do bad things happen?".

Restored – Restoration With Jesus and One Another

This week, Allan McCullough discusses restoration as he teaches through John 2:19 and Philemon.

Reconsider, Pt. 3 – Isn’t Religion Really About Controlling People?

This week in Part 3 of our current sermon series entitled "Reconsider," we walk through Luke 19:41-48 and discuss the question, "Isn't religion really about controlling people?"

Reconsider, Pt. 1 – Is Faith in God Just a Crutch for Weak People?

We study Matthew 7:24-27 in order to answer the question if religion is a human invention to cope with the hardships of life or not.

Luke, Pt. 15 – An Outcast, a Cripple, and a Crook

We study Luke 5:12-32 where Jesus takes his disciples on a journey to teach them what the Kingdom of God is like.

Luke, Pt. 13 – The Authority to Restore

We study Luke 4:31-44 and see how Jesus demonstrated that He had the authority to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. However, the way Jesus will bring the Kingdom of God may be different than we expect.