Luke, Pt. 31 – “Perplexing Compassion”

Luke, Pt. 30 – “Who Touched Me?”

Open your bible to Luke 8:40-56. Have you ever thought about what it means for God to be “omnipresent”? Pastor Allan McCullough preaches about how the omnipresence of God can fulfill your greatest desire and calm your worst fear.

Luke, Pt. 29 – “What is Your Name?”

We study Luke 8:26-39 and discover the greatest obstacle to our growth and joy in Christ.

If Jesus Is Real, Pt. 5 – “Fears Whither and Glorious Works Grow”

Join us as Pastor Evan Snyder speaks on the hope that Jesus gives us that calms fears and grows the work of God in our lives.

If Jesus Is Real, Pt. 4 – “Is The Church Really Where I Experience Transformation?”

Study Hebrews 12:1-2 with us, as we ask the question "Should we expect transformation to happen in community with one another in the church?"

If Jesus Is Real, Pt. 3 – “What Now?”

So I put my trust in the cross and resurrection of Jesus. Now what? Join us as we look to Mark 8:31-28 for the answer.

If Jesus Is Real, Pt. 2 – “The Resurrection Cancels Accusation”

He is risen! Join us on Easter Sunday as we learn how the resurrection of Jesus can change your life every single day.

If Jesus Is Real, Pt. 1 – “Sin and The Cross”

Join us for Palm Sunday as we study Isaiah 53!

Show Up, Pt. 6 – “The Transformation Principle”

Join us as we close our “Show Up” sermon series by studying John 13:31-38 where we will learn what it means to love one another as Christ has loved us.