Show Up, Pt. 2 – Squad

This morning, we study Ephesians 4:11-16 and Romans 12:4-8 to learn that you can’t follow Jesus and grow in faith all on your own - you need a squad.

Show Up, Pt. 1 – In Person

It’s time to prepare to gather together again, in-person, as a church. This morning we study Ephesians 3:10 to learn WHY God wants his people to be together every single week in-person.

Luke, Pt. 27 – How Are You Listening?

There are many types of responses to the Word of God based on our heart condition. We must take care how we listen. There is always a decision we face when we hear the Word of God.

Luke, Pt. 26 – “Do You See Her?”

We study Luke 7:36-50 and learn what the true mark of Christian maturity and devotion is.

Luke, Pt. 25 – “Jesus, Humility, and Doubt”

We study Luke 7:18-35 and we look at that link between our expectations and our doubt.

Luke, Pt. 24 – “Jesus, Humility, and Compassion”

As our nation processes yet another hard week, we look at Luke 7:11-17 to learn what it looks like to love each other with compassion and empathy.

Luke, Pt. 23 – “Of Authority, Humility, and Faith”

On this first Sunday of 2021, we return to our study in the Gospel of Luke. Join us as we study Luke 7:1-10 and learn about what it means to have faith that Jesus is for us.

With Us, Pt. 5 – “Forever”

Join us for our final sermon in our Advent series in 2020. We study Revelation 21 and imagine what it will be like at Jesus' second advent.

With Us, Pt. 4 – “Incarnation”

This morning, we celebrated the incarnation of Jesus Christ. We will study John 4 to learn about how Jesus comes to us in the middle of our mess.