As we’ve seen from the last few blogs, a church is defined as the gathering together of Christians who are committed to knowing and sharing Jesus with one another and their community. The meeting location, the programs and the structure can all look very different, but disciples of Jesus are known by their love for one another as Jesus tells us in John 13. That being said, one still might be hesitant to get involved in a church plant because they are newer, less established, and might not have all of the programs that a larger church might have. So, what is it that a church plant has to offer specifically that an individual or family might be looking for in a church home?

1. Smaller Community

First, since a church plant is a new and growing body of believers, it offers a unique opportunity to form close bonds with the other congregants who are likewise working to establish the church. For the past eight years, I was on staff at a very large church and one of the chief complaints that I received from newcomers to our church was that it was difficult to find where and how to get involved. In stark contrast to this, I’ve been amazed to see how quickly folks have gotten involved and formed close relationships with one another even in just the few short months that Grace Hill Church has been in existence. Whether people meet serving together on a Sunday morning team, or just get to know one another better in the context of our mid-week Community Groups, there really are ample opportunities to get to know others and to develop deep friendships within the smaller, more intimate community that a church plant offers.

2. Community Impact

Secondly, I think one of the greatest strengths of a church plant is its opportunity for potential impact on the community. I was talking with a friend recently who told me that he envies church plants because they naturally feel more of the pressure to get out and serve their community simply because they are brand new and want to establiosh themselves in the community. We’ve already seen this play out at Grace Hill Church through serving at the Herndon Festival as well as personally inviting households from the neighborhood that surrounds the elementary school where we meet on Sundays. Because we had to put ourselves out there in order to meet and serve others, that’s exactly what happened, and we’ve seen many people get involved in our church as a result.

3. Opportunities to Use Your Gifts

Lastly, church plants are helpful in that they offer the opportunity for the congregants to serve using their gifts. Whether that’s helping to set up the sound system or leading a children’s bible study on Sunday morning, there are MANY volunteer jobs to be filled right from the start. In Ephesians 4, the Apostle Paul is encouraging Christians to use their different gifts to serve the church so that the body of Christ (the Church) might be built up and equipped for the work of ministry. Herein lies the incredible opportunity to do exactly what we were created to do, namely, to love and serve others using our gifts in a way that reflects the love of Jesus.

Our prayer is that you would see the incredible opportunity that we have at Grace Hill Church to grow in biblical community, serve our communities, and equip the church body for gospel ministry!

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