I am a parent of two small kids. I know what it feels like to entrust them into the care of someone I do not know that well and feel the anxiety of all the “what ifs” that could happen.

Not too long ago, my wife and I were both attending a class that we needed to take in the evenings. The people who were offering this class also provided childcare. So, we brought our kids with us to the first class and went to drop them off with the people who would be watching them. It’s not that we were unimpressed with the quality of childcare, it was more like we were straight up uncomfortable with it.

First of all, the room that was being used for childcare was a kitchen. Not ideal but also not a deal breaker. That was until my son ran over to one of the cabinets, opened it, and I saw a large, rusty kitchen knife resting on the bottom of the cabinet easily within reach of my three year old. Of course, I proceeded to check all of the cabinets and remove all of the hazards. Secondly, the folks who were supposed to watch the kids were running late and lastly, there were no toys or activities in the room for our kids to enjoy. What were my little toddlers going to do in a kitchen for a few hours while we were in the class?

As you can imagine, I didn’t really pay attention all that much to the class. I was busy being concerned if my kids were okay in the kitchen and wondering if I should go check on them. Also, we never brought our kids back to future classes and just got a babysitter.

If you’re a parent, you may relate with this experience and this might be your greatest concern at visiting a brand new church with your kids. You might even be wondering if you can bring your kids to a church plant at all. Well, I wanted to write this blog to help answer your questions and calm your fears.

At Grace Hill Church, we love children and our Children’s Director’s, Erin and Jamie Adams (the world’s greatest), have led us to invest a lot of time, effort, and resources into ensuring that your children will have a fun, safe, and engaging experience at Grace Hill Church.

Our goal is for your children to love their experience and for parents to feel comfortable with our care so they can fully engage in the worship service on Sunday morning.

When we launch on Sunday, September 10, we will have four different classrooms in Grace Hill Kids – Nursery (6 months – 24 months), Toddlers (2-3), PreK (4-5), and Elementary (6+). Each of these classrooms are equipped with age appropriate toys and supplies, are protected by a secure check-in system ensuring that every child is released back to the exact adult who checked them in, a notification system if we need you to leave the service to come and tend to your child, and will be led by volunteers who have been background checked and trained on our child protection policy.

So, yes, you can absolutely bring your children to a church plant and we would love to care for your children at Grace Hill Church. We may not have the luxury of our own facility but because we meet in a school, we get to use a facility that was built for kids. We take advantage of having a gymnasium, a playground, classrooms, and age appropriate restrooms. Our hope and desire is that bringing your children to Grace Hill Church will not be a cause of anxiety or hassle but would rather be a joy for the whole family.

We would love to invite you to the launch of Grace Hill Church – Sunday, September 10, 2017, 10:30am, Dranesville Elementary School – 1515 Powells Tavern Place, Herndon, VA 20170.

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