It is September 2016 and we are finally beginning to spread the word publically about the coming together of Grace Hill Church. A group of people have been gathering together weekly for over a year to pray and seek the Lord about this plant. From this point forward, we will be posting a lot of information about Grace Hill Church and holding interest meetings. Be sure to keep your eye on the blog and our social media accounts as we begin to release more information. But for now, maybe you’re asking: Why Start Grace Hill Church? 

Aren’t there plenty of churches in Northern Virginia?

Do you believe that you will be able to start a better church than all the churches that are in Northern Virginia?

No to both.

America is in a very interesting place in history. It would seem that we are polarized politically, declining morally, wounded racially, and statistics show that the church is shrinking. At the same time, there seems to be a renewed emphasis on church health and doctrinal faithfulness along with a resurgence in church planting and revitalization. We praise God for this because it is precisely the church that is called to be resilient, faithful, and ready “…to bring good news to the poor…to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.” (Is. 61:1) Of course, Jesus proclaims in Luke 4 that He Himself is indeed the fulfillment of this mission and He continues that proclamation through the faithful gospel-witness of His church, which will never fail (Matt. 16:18).

This is why we are starting Grace Hill Church in Herndon, VA. We believe that the church is strongest and most versatile when we have faithful, Christ-centered congregations scattered throughout the whole world who proclaim the gospel of Jesus. We are not starting Grace Hill Church because we believe there are no faithful churches in Northern Virginia. We are starting Grace Hill Church because we believe there needs to be more faithful churches in Northern Virginia. In fact, we are honored to join the community of gospel-preaching churches in the D.C. area in the common mission of making and sending disciples.

So, we hope and pray as you learn more about Grace Hill Church that you will keep us in your prayers, that you will consider financially supporting this mission, and possibly even consider joining our launch team.

Our next interest meeting will be Friday, October 7 at 6:45pm at McLean Bible Church in Tysons, VA. CLICK HERE TO RSVP.

Help us spread the word!