Luke, Pt. 6 – Thoughts of Joy

Monte McCullough preaches on Luke 2:22-38.

King Jesus, Pt. 9 – Forgiveness: The Cure for a Sick Heart

Monte McCullough preaches from Genesis 45:1-15 and Matthew 6:7-15 to teach us on how Jesus gave of himself to forgive those who trust in Him.

Advent, Pt. 4 – Jesus is Our Peace

Monte McCullough concludes our Advent series by preaching from Luke 2:8-33 and the announcement from the Angels to the Shepherds and from Simeon that Jesus is our peace.

The Word of God, Pt. 9 – The Reward of Love is Relationship

Monte McCullough concludes our sermon series on the doctrine of the Word of God by looking at Isaiah 55 and the gift of how God's Word allows us to have a relationship with God.

Called to Belong, Pt. 8 – Who Told You That You Were Naked?

Monte McCullough concludes our series entitled, "Called to Belong," an in depth study of Ephesians 4. Ephesians 1:3-14 declare that God has chosen us for salvation to the praise of His glory. In Ephesians 4, we learn that the Body fo Christ is God's Plan A for helping us desire Him and His glory above all things.