Luke, Pt. 27 – How Are You Listening?

There are many types of responses to the Word of God based on our heart condition. We must take care how we listen. There is always a decision we face when we hear the Word of God.

With Us, Pt. 4 – “Incarnation”

This morning, we celebrated the incarnation of Jesus Christ. We will study John 4 to learn about how Jesus comes to us in the middle of our mess.

Part 7 – “My (Chaotic) Home.”

What does the Bible give us to help navigate chaos in our home, our jobs, our lives? Pastor Evan Snyder preaches this morning in Psalm 127 and presents God's Word, so that you may be encouraged by what God has to say about navigating chaos.

Healthy Soul, Part 5 – Friendship

Evan Snyder concludes the Healthy Soul series by preaching from John 15:15 on biblical friendship.

Jesus and the Outsider, Pt. 4 – Jesus Came to Save Sinners

Evan Snyder, Worship Pastor of Reston Bible Church, continues our series called "Jesus and the Outsider" where we are learning from Jesus' example of how he reached the lost. Evan preaches out of 1 Timothy 1:12-19 and looks at how the Apostle Paul uses himself as an example of how Jesus can save those we think would be the least likely.