Luke, Pt. 26 – “Do You See Her?”

We study Luke 7:36-50 and learn what the true mark of Christian maturity and devotion is.

Luke, Pt. 25 – “Jesus, Humility, and Doubt”

We study Luke 7:18-35 and we look at that link between our expectations and our doubt.

Luke, Pt. 24 – “Jesus, Humility, and Compassion”

As our nation processes yet another hard week, we look at Luke 7:11-17 to learn what it looks like to love each other with compassion and empathy.

With Us, Pt. 5 – “Forever”

Join us for our final sermon in our Advent series in 2020. We study Revelation 21 and imagine what it will be like at Jesus' second advent.

With Us, Pt. 3 – “Waiting”

In Pt. 3 of our Advent Series "WITH US" we study Ezekiel 36-37, focusing on waiting of the Lord.

With Us, Pt. 1 – “Garden”

We kick off Advent for 2020 by studying Genesis 2 and how God created us to need his presence. Without the nearness of God, we return to dust.

Part 9 – “My (Transformed) Home.”

Join us as we study the one thing that will transform every part of our lives...including our homes.

Part 8- “My (Gracious) Home.”

Join us as we talk about the single greatest gift we can give our kids as parents, as well as to our spouses, family members, or others that we have relationship with in our lives.

How to Hope in Jesus

How do we have hope in Jesus in the midst of disappointment and suffering in the world? We look to the book of Philippians for answers.

How Should Christians Engage in Politics

Join us as we study Psalm 2 and Acts 4:23-31 to understand how Christians should engage with politics.