King Jesus, Pt. 3 – In the Image of Me

This is Pt. 3 of the KING JESUS series. We study Genesis 3 and discover what the true definition of sin really is and what we can do about it.

King Jesus, Pt. 2 – It’s God’s World

We begin Chapter One of the King Jesus Sermon Series and it is entitled "The King Rejected." We study Genesis 1 and discover who God made us to be, what He wants us to do, and why He created us.

King Jesus, Pt.1 – A Non-Anxious Presence in an Anxious World

We begin the "King Jesus" sermon series by studying Matthew 11:20-30 as Jesus' invitation to us into His Kingdom.

Easter 2019 – The World We All Want

We study Isaiah 55:1-9 together and consider the invitation extended to us to God's Kingdom.

Joy Over One, Pt. 6 – When We Forget Grace

We conclude the "Joy Over One" sermon series by studying Luke 4:16-30.

Joy Over One, Pt. 5 – Whatever It Takes

Jesus calls us to do whatever it takes to create encounters with Jesus for others. Today, we study Mark 2:1-12 to learn about four people who went above and beyond to get their friend in front of Jesus.

Joy Over One, Pt. 4 – What’s at Stake

We study Psalm 11 to look at our world's need and desire for Divine Judgement.

Joy Over One, Pt. 2 – Motivated by Joy

We study Psalm 96 together to discover how sharing the gospel is a natural response to the joy that we have found in Christ. To access the 30 Day Prayer Guide mentioned in the sermon, click here.

Joy Over One, Pt. 1 – A Heart Assessment

We begin a new series studying Matthew 4:18-23 and how Jesus teaches that multiplying disciples is inherent to following Him. To start the series, we asked five diagnostic questions to assess the condition of our hearts in regards to our willingness to multiply. Click here to access the "Five Day Heart Assessment Journal" that we passed out on Sunday morning.

Ruth, Pt. 4 – Is It Worth It?

We conclude our short study on the book of Ruth by talking about the definition of covenant love.