This Cultural Moment, Pt. 6 – Keeping Christianity Weird

Joe Carter preaches from 1 Peter to help us understand how Christians should engage in politics.

King Jesus, Pt. 3 – In the Image of Me

This is Pt. 3 of the KING JESUS series. We study Genesis 3 and discover what the true definition of sin really is and what we can do about it.

King Jesus, Pt. 2 – It’s God’s World

We begin Chapter One of the King Jesus Sermon Series and it is entitled "The King Rejected." We study Genesis 1 and discover who God made us to be, what He wants us to do, and why He created us.

King Jesus, Pt.1 – A Non-Anxious Presence in an Anxious World

We begin the "King Jesus" sermon series by studying Matthew 11:20-30 as Jesus' invitation to us into His Kingdom.

Easter 2019 – The World We All Want

We study Isaiah 55:1-9 together and consider the invitation extended to us to God's Kingdom.

Joy Over One, Pt. 6 – When We Forget Grace

We conclude the "Joy Over One" sermon series by studying Luke 4:16-30.

Joy Over One, Pt. 5 – Whatever It Takes

Jesus calls us to do whatever it takes to create encounters with Jesus for others. Today, we study Mark 2:1-12 to learn about four people who went above and beyond to get their friend in front of Jesus.

Joy Over One, Pt. 4 – What’s at Stake

We study Psalm 11 to look at our world's need and desire for Divine Judgement.

Joy Over One, Pt. 3 – Pursuing the One

Nick Jones preaches from Philippians 2:2-11 and helps us to see three attitudes that lead to three actions when it comes to how we pursue those who do not know Christ.