Ruth, Pt. 3 – Taking Refuge

As we study Ruth 3, we see how Ruth's act of faith in taking refuge under the wings of Boaz, her redeemer, is an illustration of how we take refuge under our redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Ruth, Pt. 2 – The Weight of Grace

We study Ruth 2 together and discuss how God's incredible act of grace towards Ruth became the remedy to Naomi's bitterness.

Ruth Pt. 1 – Ruth’s Faithfulness

We begin a four part sermon series studying the book of Ruth. This week, we learn from Ruth 1 that our faithfulness to God must be motivated by His faithfulness to us.

This Cultural Moment, Pt. 5 – Christian Love & the Sanctity of Life

For our fifth installment in the "This Cultural Moment" series, we look to the Word of God to learn how the church should think about the practice of abortion.

A Simple Choice

For our first Sunday in 2019, we studied Psalm 1 as it presents a simple choice for us to consider in the New Year.

Advent, Pt. 4 – Jesus is Our Peace

Monte McCullough concludes our Advent series by preaching from Luke 2:8-33 and the announcement from the Angels to the Shepherds and from Simeon that Jesus is our peace.

Advent, Pt. 3 – Jesus is Our Savior

For the third Sunday of Advent in 2018, we studied the announcement Zechariah makes about Jesus in Luke 1:67-79 and discover God's plan to bring salvation to the whole world.

Advent, Pt. 2 – Jesus is Our Joy

For the second Sunday of Advent in 2018, we studied the announcement Mary makes about Jesus in Luke 1:46-56. Mary sings to God praising Him for the joy that He brings His people.

Advent, Pt. 1 – Jesus is Our King

For the first Sunday of Advent in 2018, we studied the announcement Gabriel makes to Mary about Jesus in Luke 1:26-38. Gabriel announces that Jesus will sit on the throne of David forever and serve as King over all of God's people.