Healthy Soul, Part 1: Apart From Me, You Can Do Nothing.

In Part 1 of our new sermon series entitled "Healthy Soul", Allan McCullough teaches from John 15:1-5 about abiding in Jesus.

Reconsider Pt. 5 – Church Leadership & the Abuse of Authority

We study Matthew 23 to see what Jesus expects of the leaders that represent Him.

Reconsider, Pt. 4 – If God is Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

In Pt. 4 of our Reconsider series, Allan McCullough walks through Romans 8:18-28 and asks the questions "If God is good, why do bad things happen?".

Restored – Restoration With Jesus and One Another

This week, Allan McCullough discusses restoration as he teaches through John 2:19 and Philemon.

Reconsider, Pt. 3 – Isn’t Religion Really About Controlling People?

This week in Part 3 of our current sermon series entitled "Reconsider," we walk through Luke 19:41-48 and discuss the question, "Isn't religion really about controlling people?"

Reconsider, Pt. 2 – Are we made for a higher purpose?

This week in the second part of our Reconsider sermon series, Nick Jones studies Psalm 104:10-34 and addresses whether we are simply temporal, material beings, or if we are actually made for a higher purpose.

Reconsider, Pt. 1 – Is Faith in God Just a Crutch for Weak People?

We study Matthew 7:24-27 in order to answer the question if religion is a human invention to cope with the hardships of life or not.

Luke, Pt. 15 – An Outcast, a Cripple, and a Crook

We study Luke 5:12-32 where Jesus takes his disciples on a journey to teach them what the Kingdom of God is like.

Luke Pt. 14 – The Nature of God’s Call

Nick Jones preaches from Luke 5:1-11 about what it means to be called as a Disciple of Jesus Christ.