Thanksgiving 2018 – Perfect Love from a Perfect Father

We study Hosea 11:1-11 in order to form a biblically accurate view of God's fatherly love of His children.

This Cultural Moment, Pt. 4 – Putting Money In Its Place

We study Matthew 6:24 & Philippians 4:10-20 to learn the place that money should play in our lives and what it means to live generously.

A Quite Unlikely Story

Noah Joyner, Leadership/Education Minister at North Wake Church in Wake Forest, NC and Founder/President of the Hispaniola Institute of Theology, teaches out of Acts 18 and how God calls us to be bold in proclaiming the gospel to non-believers.

Jonah, Pt. 7 – Behold Our God

We conclude our sermon series on the book of Jonah by looking at what Jonah teaches us about the attributes of God and how we should respond.

Jonah, Pt. 6 – Anybody But Them, Anything But That

We continue in our study of the book of Jonah. We look at the compassion that God has on the Ninevites in Jonah 4 alongside of the Parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.

Jonah, Pt. 5 – Grace in the Pit

We continue in our study of the book of Jonah. We look at the Jonah's prayer in Jonah 2 alongside of Philippians 2 to see how we can find God's grace in the midst of our greatest struggles.

Work: From Curse to Calling

Joe Carter teaches out of Ecclesiastes 2:17-22 to help us to understand how our work and toil is cursed yet redeemed and restored for God's purposes. If you struggle with understanding how your work is meaningful, you will be encouraged by this sermon.

Jonah, Pt. 4 – Why Can’t I Change?

We continue in our study of the book of Jonah. We look at the story of Jonah alongside of Romans 7-8 to to see what it takes for our hearts to change.

The One Who Has Been Forgiven Much, Loves Much

Nick Jones teaches from Luke 7:36-50 on how the forgiveness and grace we have received in Christ Jesus enables us to love both God and our neighbor.