Luke, Pt. 17 – To Do Good or Harm

Pastor Allan McCullough continues in the study of Luke by teaching on chapter 6:1-11, asking the question "Is it possible that the way we practice our faith does more harm to our neighbor than it does good?"

Defending the Indefensible

Pastor Monte McCullough preaches from Luke 5:33 - 38 on defending the indefensible.

Humanity, Pt. 3 – Gospel Excavation

Pastor Allan McCullough wraps up a three part series exploring how God is glorified when humanity is unified.

Humanity, Pt. 2 – Culture & Trauma

We study Isaiah 60, Revelation 7, and Job 42 to understand better how diversity encourages trues unity.

Humanity, Pt. 1 – Babel & Pentecost

We begin a short sermon series looking at how God is most glorified when humanity is unified. In this sermon, we study Genesis 11 and Acts to understand what true unity is.

A New Covenant People, Pt. 2

Nick Jones helps us to understand the difference between the Old and New Covenant.

A New Covenant People, Pt. 1

Nick Jones helps us to understand how God uses covenants to relate with His people.

Four Steps to Fight Systemic Oppression

We study Genesis 12:10-20, Genesis 38, and Luke 13:10-17 to understand God's heart for the oppressed and how the church can fight systemic oppression.

Healthy Soul, Part 5 – Friendship

Evan Snyder concludes the Healthy Soul series by preaching from John 15:15 on biblical friendship.