Worshiping Through the Fire Alarm

Eric Saunders preaches from John 20:24-29.

King Jesus, Pt. 23 – Finish the Mission

We conclude the KING JESUS sermon series by looking at Matthew 24:14 to understand the mission that Jesus has given His church prior to His second coming.

Pt. 22 – The Hope of Shalom

Nick Jones preaches from Micah 4 and Revelation 21-22 to show how our hope in Christ's return impacts the way that we live today.

King Jesus, Pt. 21 – The King Returns

We study Revelation 17-19 to learn about the second coming of Jesus.

King Jesus, Pt. 20 – Money

We study Luke 12:13-34 to learn what it means for Jesus to be King of our money.

King Jesus, Pt. 19 – Sexuality & Romance

We study Ephesians 5:31-32 to understand God's design for sexuality.

King Jesus, Pt. 18 – Reputation

We look at three different incidents in the Bible where Peter struggled with what others thought of him and how Jesus responded to it.

King Jesus, Pt. 17 – Family

We study Matthew 10:34-39 to discover how we let Jesus be king of our family relationships.

King Jesus, Pt. 16 – Work & Vocation

How do we submit our work to Jesus as our King? We study Genesis 4:1-12 to get the answer.