Luke, Pt. 12 – Privilege & Prejudice

We study Luke 4:14-30 and see how Jesus specifically challenged a synagogue in Nazareth.

Luke, Pt. 11 – How to Thrive in the Desert

We study Luke 4:1-13 and discover how Jesus is a new Adam through how he faced temptation in the desert. We also learned from Jesus how to face temptation.

Luke, Pt. 10 – In My Place

We study Luke 3:15-38 and answer the question why Jesus was baptized before the beginning of His ministry.

Image & Purpose

John McGowan preaches from Genesis 1:26 on what it means that humans are made in the image of God.

Luke, Pt. 9 – Roots & Fruit

This is our first Family Sunday where all of our kids and students joined the adults for worship. We studied Luke 3:7-14 and learned how the beliefs of our heart produce a certain way of living.

Luke, Pt. 8 – Lawkeepers & Lawbreakers

We studied Luke 3:1-6 and how John the Baptist called everyone, both lawkeepers and lawbreakers, to prepare for the coming of the Messiah through repentance.

Luke, Pt. 7 – The Consequences of Theology

We study Luke 2:39-52 and study how Jesus is both 100% God and 100% Human.

Luke, Pt. 6 – Thoughts of Joy

Monte McCullough preaches on Luke 2:22-38.

Luke, Pt. 5 – Christmas Eve

We study Luke 2:1-21 for our 2019 Christmas Eve Service.