Luke, Pt. 22 – The Christian Response to the Oppressed

In Luke Pt. 22, Allan McCullough teaches from Luke 6:46-49, Isaiah 1:10-20, and Matthew 7:21-25, about how Christians should respond to the oppressed because of how Christ responded to them first. 

Luke, Pt. 21 – How to Treasure Jesus

In Luke Pt. 21, Allan McCullough teaches from Luke 6:43-45 on treasuring Jesus and how this produces recognizable fruit in the life of the Jesus follower.

Luke, Pt. 20 – Self Awareness

In Luke Pt. 20, Allan McCullough teaches on the humility of self awareness as an indicator of Jesus followers.

Luke, Pt. 19 – How To Be Merciful

In Luke Pt. 19, Allan McCullough teaches on the fruit of mercy.

Luke, Pt. 18 – The Long Game

Pastor Allan McCullough teaches from Luke 6:12-26 in the current series in Luke, "How to Spot a Christian."

Luke, Pt. 17 – To Do Good or Harm

Pastor Allan McCullough continues in the study of Luke by teaching on chapter 6:1-11, asking the question "Is it possible that the way we practice our faith does more harm to our neighbor than it does good?"

Defending the Indefensible

Pastor Monte McCullough preaches from Luke 5:33 - 38 on defending the indefensible.

Luke, Pt. 15 – An Outcast, a Cripple, and a Crook

We study Luke 5:12-32 where Jesus takes his disciples on a journey to teach them what the Kingdom of God is like.

Luke Pt. 14 – The Nature of God’s Call

Nick Jones preaches from Luke 5:1-11 about what it means to be called as a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

Luke, Pt. 13 – The Authority to Restore

We study Luke 4:31-44 and see how Jesus demonstrated that He had the authority to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. However, the way Jesus will bring the Kingdom of God may be different than we expect.