Dear Grace Hill Family,

We have made the decision to NOT gather together at Frying Pan Park tomorrow (Sunday, October 4) and instead worship together ONLINE ONLY. Over this past week, two of our staff members, Evan Snyder (who’s first day on staff was this past Thursday, October 1) and Melody Von Kahle, tested positive for COVID-19. Melody’s son, Royal, also tested positive and her husband Peter tested negative. Currently, Evan and his wife, Stacy (who is awaiting test results), are symptomatic (but doing well, all things considered) and Melody and Royal are asymptomatic. Of course, both families are in quarantine.

Based on contact tracing, we are confident that both Evan and Melody did NOT contract the virus at any Grace Hill event nor do we believe that either of them have exposed any other Grace Hill staff or church member to the virus. We don’t believe that either of them entered the Grace Hill offices while infected with the virus. We also don’t believe there was any possibility of exposure at our worship gathering last Sunday – Evan was not present for that worship gathering and we are confident that Melody was exposed to the virus after the service at an event on Sunday afternoon.

Although we don’t believe there would be any increased risk to gather together outside tomorrow, out of an abundance of caution and care for our church, our elders have decided to make our worship service online only.

Assuming there will not be an increase in COVID-19 cases, we DO plan on being back at Frying Pan Park to worship together next Sunday, October 11.

Please be praying for Evan, Melody and their families. That God would continue to protect them, keep symptoms at bay, and keep them encouraged during quarantine.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any of our Elders.

In love,

Allan McCullough

Grace Hill Church